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Student Email Frequently Asked Questions

Student Email

1. What is my UC email address?
Your UC student email address is: e.g.

2. How do I access my UC email account?
Visit and enter your full UC student email address (e.g. and UC password.

3. How much email storage space do I get?
With Outlook you get 25GB of free space to store your emails.

4. What size email attachment can I send or receive in Outlook?
The maximum size limit for email attachments is 10MB.

5. Which web browsers can I use to access my UC Live and Outlook email?
Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox on PCs, Firefox on Linux and Firefox and Safari on Macs.

Find out more information here.

6. I am a PhD student and I have an email address. How does this affect me?
When you send email, the recipient will see as the From address. So you will not be affected.

7. I am a postgraduate student and I would like a address. How do I get one?
Thesis students will automatically get an and be created on the UC Exchange servers.

8. Whenever I try to login to Outlook, I get an error saying the site cannot be created, or that it does not exist. What do I do?
This is because you have a Windows Live or Hotmail account, and you're logged into that. You need to log out of Windows Live or Hotmail, then log back in to Windows Live with your login, e.g. You will then be directed to your Outlook account.

9. I'm trying to send an email and Outlook tells me the email address does not exist. What am I doing wrong?
If you are sending an email to more than one person, make sure the email addresses are separated by a semi colon - ; - and then a space. Separating them with just commas won't work.

Personal Email & Forwarding

1. Can I access my personal emails through Outlook?
Yes you can bring email from other external providers (e.g. Gmail & Yahoo) into your Outlook account. See information on how to do this here.

2. Can I forward my Outlook email to my personal email account?
Yes you can - See forwarding instructions here.

3. Can I access my Outlook email on my mobile device?
Yes you can access Outlook emails on a capable mobile device. Help instructions are available here.

4. I have a Windows Live/Hotmail email account. I want to be able to log into it in the student workrooms but I can't. What do I do?
This happens when you sign out of Outlook ONLY. You need to sign out of Outlook itself (click the black arrow next to your name at the top of the screen and select Sign Out), then you will be able to log into your Windows Live/Hotmail accounts.

5. Can I access my Outlook emails through a different email client?

It is possible to access your Outlook mailbox from a mail client instead of using the web page. This does require you to do some technical configuration of your mail client.

Points to remember:

  • If you are using a machine in the student labs then stop. These machines are locked down for administration purposes and you cannot alter their configuration.
  • If you are using a staff or personal machine using the wired university network, make sure you are running Internet Enabler.
  • If you are using a different ISP then you need to ensure that the following ports are not blocked (most NZ ISPs allow these ports on their network): tcp 587 (SMTP / TSL), tcp 993 (IMAP/SSL), tcp 995 (POP/SSL).

The instructions for doing so are here:

Click on the "Email Set-up Help Wizard" link In the top section of the right column and work through the wizard to find the instructions you need. This wizard may not work under certain browsers. If this is the case then will get to a list of instructions for supported mail clients.

6. How do I set up Outlook 2007 to access to my Outlook e-mail account?
Instructions for doing this are available here.

7. How do I set up Outlook 2010 or 2013 access to my Outlook e-mail account?

Instructions for doing this are available here.

8. How do I set up Mozilla Thunderbird for access to Outlook?
Instructions for doing this are available here.

9. For all other mail client set ups.
Instructions for doing this are available here.

SPAM or Junk Mail

1. How do I set SPAM block and allow rules on my Outlook email account?
Do this using the Junk Email settings in Outlook. Information is available here.

File Storage & SkyDrive

Note: Only students who started at University before the 1st June 2013 will have a SkyDrive account.

1. How much space do I have to store my files?
You have 1GB of storage space on your P Drive and 7GB storage space on your SkyDrive.

2. What is the difference between my P Drive and my Sky Drive?

  • P Drive is the storage space you have on our local University of Canterbury servers.
  • SkyDrive is the storage space you have online using Microsoft’s services.
3. Is the SkyDrive backed up?
For practical purposes, no. This is because it is not a part of the ICTS system, like your P: drive (My Documents), but it's a useful place to keep documents. Your P: Drive (My Documents) is backed up every night on our servers, and is therefore the safest place to store your files.

You should think of the SkyDrive as a big USB pen - good for storage and accessible anywhere, but not on a server that is backed up every night, like your P: drive.


1. How do I change my UC Password?
You can change your UC Password using the My IT Account feature.

2. If I change my password in Outlook will this change my password across all UC systems?

3. If I change my password using the My IT Account feature will this change my Outlook password?
Yes. Any password changes you make using My IT Account update all UC system passwords and will also change your Outlook email account password.

4.If I change my password using the My IT Account feature will this change my SkyDrive password? No.To change your SkyDrive password please use the following webpage-

5. Will my Outlook password expire?


Am I charged when I access Office365 email on-campus?
No. You are not charged for access to this service. There may be some charges however, if you click on a link within the Outlook environment that takes you off to an external Microsoft website.

Information about charges and free Internet allowances is available here.


Where do I go for help?
Help resources for Outlook are available here. For any other assistance please contact the ICT Service Desk:

ICT Service Desk
ext. 6060 or ph. 03 364 2060