Information and Technology Services

Standard Service Charges

There are a range of services available to staff and students through the ITS Department. Although it is necessary to charge clients for these services, ITS endeavours to keep the charges as minimal as possible.

These pages provide an overview of what services are available, and how much they cost. Students are debited via their Canterbury Card, staff via their ITS account, which is funded by their department. Private staff and external accounts are funded by their owners and debited via the ITS accounting process.

Important: All ITS log files related to charging shall be retained for a minimum of 60 days. Any disputes over charging will not enter into more than 60 days after the events occurred.

Email Charges

There is no charge for email traffic, which means sending and receiving email. You are allocated 25GB of storage on your Student email.

Internet Charges

IT Services charges a single flat fee of 0.2c per MB ($2.00 per GB) for internet access.

All students receive a free internet allowance which is sufficient to cover study and course related requirements

  • Undergraduate students receive a free Internet Allowance of 10GB per month.
  • Postgraduate students receive a free Internet Allowance of 20GB per month.

Printing & Photocopying Charges

These charges apply to all printers in IT Workrooms, as well as photocopying charges in all UC Libraries. Printers and photocopiers not administered by ITS may incur different charges.

For more detailed information on printing and photocopying, see the Copy Centre.

Current charges:
The costs per copy for student photocopying or printing are:

  • Black and white A4 photocopying – 5c per side
  • Colour A4 photocopying - 15c per side
  • Black and white A4 printing - 5c per side
  • Colour A4 printing - 15c per side
  • Colour A3 printing - 30c per side