Information and Technology Services

Changes to student printing and Library services

Learning Resources has been working on improvements to the student printing service. These changes will provide more options, and will enable us to reduce the cost of printing for all students. The majority of these changes will come into effect on Wednesday 6 October.

What does this mean?

From Wednesday 6 October, the following changes will occur:

  • All black and white printing in ICT Workrooms will automatically default to the duplex option, rather than single sided
  • Black and white printing in ICT Workrooms will reduce from 7c to 5c per side
  • Black and white photocopying will reduce from 7c to 5c per side
  • There will be an A4 colour printer located in the basement of Erskine, with 24 hour access
  • The cost of A4 colour printing will reduce to 15c per page in the Education Library and Erskine

What else is happening?

From Monday 11 October, additional changes will take place in the Central Library:

  • Level 2 and some of level 3 of the Central Library will be open to students.  This will be a quiet study space and we have located an extra 60 computers on Level 2.
  • Students will be able to return books, however there will be no lending available
  • Information Librarians will be available to assist with research
  • Opening hours: 8am - 5pm Monday to Friday

How can I find out more?

Information sessions are being offered for the University community.  These sessions are an opportunity for the Central Library Manager, Joan Simpson, to outline some of the work being undertaken within the library following the earthquake and to answer any questions you may have.

Information sessions
  • Wednesday 6 October: 12.15pm, S7
  • Monday 11 October: 12.15pm, Commerce 011